Learn how to discover true financial freedom in
your life with Dr. Ken Cox.
He will discuss wise financial practices including: getting out of debt, preparing financially for retirement, having a saving plan for emergencies and honoring God with our finances through giving generously to Him.
Saturday, October 31 from 9AM-2PM
Cost is $5 and will include lunch.
Please register by texting FINANCES to 208-205-4411 or call the church office at 208-664-3862.
At this time we have three Pathway Groups formed. One is for men, the second is for women, and the third is for youth.
Please call the church office to sign up or for more information.
More groups will be forming soon, so be
on the lookout for more details.


In Genesis 27, Isaac blessed Jacob.
Old Testament fathers would give a blessing to their children. This old testament custom should be, but is seldom practiced today.
One of the primary reasons people
experience unresolved conflict and difficulties is because they are hungry for THE BLESSING.
Come and see how THE BLESSING, or the lack
thereof affects our lives.  Learn how to receive THE BLESSING and give it to others.
Sunday, November 1 from 2PM-4PM
There is no cost for this event, but please register by texting BLESSING to 208-205-4411 or call the church office at 208-664-3862



Please contact us directly and we would be happy to answer any questions you may have.